Full Ride Scholarship Program

This risk free program guarantees that you will save at least $1,000 off your college expense, or you can have your money back!


Try this guaranteed system that has saved some people over $17,000 per year!

There are so many different things pulling on families as they prepare for college and the expenses associated with going off to school.  This program provides a simple – bit by bit – approach to receiving all of the cost benefits possible.  Scholarships, Grants, Awards, Free Cash for school, etc. and what is required for each is broken down into simple steps and spread across your high school career.

Do this course from home, whenever you have time. All you need is a computer!



Have an eighth grader or younger?  Great – starting early will save you even more $$$!

Is it your student’s senior year and your feeling overwhelmed?  The double up option will get you to the finish line on time!

Sign up now and begin a journey to change your student’s life – by removing some or all of the financial pressures of a college education.

Take a look at the course!





Here’s what is included:


  • Top Performers’ Measure UP! Guide
    • This 50+ page booklet provides an annual summary of what you should have accomplished each year of high school
    • It has a point system to show you the progress you are making over the course of the program (this point system is integrated into the member site as well!)
    • And, it offers detailed explanations of what each activity involves and how to do them
  • Confidence Calendar
    • Breaks the many activities for each year into weekly action items
    • Each year is broken into three ‘terms’: Fall, Winter and Summer 15 week periods
    • Activities are grouped into four segments: Saving & EarningScholarships & AwardsGrants & Loans; and Other Savings ideas.
  • Peace of Minders
    • Periodic reminders are sent to you to help keep you on track!
    • So often we have good intentions, but we forget to follow through – this system has follow through built right in!
    • Initially you are set up for all Peace of Minders, but you can customize it to your liking
  • Scholarship Resume Repository
    • Collecting all of your needed information for scholarship applications can be a chore – this repository provides you a default location.
    • Remembering everything that you or your student has done over their high school career can be daunting.  This repository gives you a spot to put those reminders and find them easily later.
    • A simple tagging system allows easy discovery for specific scholarship applications.  Applying for a service scholarship – search your Repository for Service and your tagged documents are available!
  • Cost Elimination Knowledge-base
    • Over 90 minutes of video instruction
    • Video snippets to answer some of the most popular questions around Reducing College Costs
    • Free eBook updates as they become available.



“After going through Scholarship Keys’ Full Ride Scholarship Program’s Measure UP! guide, it was immediately clear to me how powerful this program will be for our family with two sons already in college and one preparing. John Mitchell has created easy steps, a way to measure progress, and limitless resources to help parents and students find ways to afford college. And then he guarantees the results to boot!”

–  Elle Ingalls, Michigan


“Where was this when I was younger? The step-by-step guidance as well as the specific techniques, tips, and activities that Dr. Mitchell explains makes the program easy to understand and follow. It is clear how anyone can, with a little effort, eliminate significant portions of college costs through the Full Ride Scholarship Program that Dr. Mitchell developed.”

– Anna G., Chicago, IL

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