College Cost Reduction

This exclusive offer gives you some of Dr. Mitchell’s most rewarding financial secrets. 

These videos share information on:

  • Scholarships & Awards
    • How to build your scholarship resume
    • This covers strategies for essay creation, as well as building your portfolio for success in winning scholarships!
    • Where are some of Dr. Mitchell’s favorite scholarship sites? He’ll tell you here.
    • Learn how to cultivate references.
  • Grants & Loans
    • What is the difference and which ones should you look for?
    • Are you a Pell recipient?  If so, Dr. Mitchell shows you how could get an additional $10,000 in grant money for college!
  • Free Money for School!
    • One of the best things out there, and yet surprisingly few people know where to find it.
    • Dr. Mitchell provides you with these tips in a simple to understand format in this video seminar.

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