Scholarship Keys Course Praises

"“Where was this when I was younger? The step-by-step guidance as well as the specific techniques, tips and activities that Dr. Mitchell explains makes the program easy to understand and follow. It is clear how anyone can, with a little effort, eliminate significant portions of college costs through the Full Ride Scholarship Program that Dr. Mitchell developed.”"

Anna G.
Chicago, IL

"After going through Scholarship Keys’ Full Ride Scholarship Program’s Measure UP! guide, it was immediately clear to me how powerful this program will be for our family with two sons already in college and one preparing. John Mitchell has created easy steps, a way to measure progress and limitless resources to help parents and students find ways to afford college. And then he guarantees the results to boot!"

Elle Ingalls

"Dr. Mitchell’s presentation is full of important, up-to-date, money-saving tools, strategies and resources that will save you thousands on college expenses. It’s a comprehensive, informative session that is easy to understand and implement. "

Joanne Mills
Atlanta, GA


The Scholarship Resume Praises

"A must read resource for any student! John Mitchell's book The Scholarship Resume opens up the 'black box' of scholarship applications making the process not only easier to master, but also shows how scholarships do not belong only to the domain of outstanding students, but are also accessible to a broad spectrum of students at different stages of study. I heartily recommend this excellent resource."

Deryck J van Rensburg
Dean, Pepperdine University, Graziadio Business School

"The Scholarship Resume and provides sound advice on extracurricular enhancements and positioning for success. Mitchell's book is a go-to resource in the complex world of competing for scholarships."

Libby V. Morris
Ph.D., Director, Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia

"The cost of education is going through the roof! Herein is the blueprint for getting the scholarship you may sorely need. So, don't miss learning the secrets that john Mitchell shares in this priceless book. I strongly recommend it!!!!"

Robert Allen 
#1 New York Times bestselling author

"As life becomes more competitive and complex, so has the process of receiving higher education. John Mitchell clearly places students in a power position to work through this intricate maze and emerge with a quality education at an affordable price. "

Congressman Pete Sessions
(TX-32), Chairman, House Rules Committee

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